In recent years we have witnessed an acceleration of the pace of change: the development times and the impact times of new technological solutions on society have drastically reduced. The continuous updating of skills and the acquisition of new knowledge is becoming a strategic and mandatory factor. The research activity by its nature produces leading-edge knowledge that characterizes today’s solutions to give shape to the world of tomorrow. By making use of the skills of its researchers and the technological and innovation know-how developed by working with companies, FBK offers to partner companies training opportunities for their staff so that companies can make the most from their collaborations with FBK and from the jointly developed technological solutions. Types of training opportunities:

  • Training of personnel, including new hires, for a partner company. The training takes place at FBK, mainly in the form of tutoring, in the context of projects with the partner company.
  • Industrial doctorate: a three-year PhD Program based on the development of projects carried out in collaboration with companies. It allows companies to train their employees, through a doctoral course, by alternating training periods at the university and FBK with work periods by the company.
  • Secondment of FBK personnel to a partner company as part of a technology transfer process.