Startups and Spin-offs

FBK encourages and supports the creation of value and the growth of the local socio-economic ecosystem through the generation of new companies (spin-offs) established with the aim of exploiting its intellectual property and the skills developed by its research personnel. Spin-offs represent a channel through which the results of the research reach the market and at the same time, they are an opportunity of employment for highly qualified personnel, such as PhD students and post-docs, which thus remains in relationship  with FBK while carries out activities by exploring the knowledge acquired during the training and research pathway. The Foundation stimulates and supports the entrepreneurial spirit of its research staff in order to encourage the generation of new spin-offs.

To date, 34 spin-offs have been created, 26 of which are still in operation. Below are the FBK spin-offs.


Silicon radiation detectors technology

Cross Library

Solutions to enhance and make digital cultural heritage easily accessible

eCTRL Solutions

E-Tourism Services and Technologies for Web and Mobile


Sistemi di visione innovativi e strumentazione optoelettronica


Sviluppo applicazioni e piattaforme alerte multiservizio per automazione business e produttività aziendale

Eye Pro System

Vision technology for food manufacturing

Fabrica Ludens

Research, innovation, creativity at the service of Museums and Exhibitions, Basilicas and Monuments, Archaeological

Green Energy Storage

Attività di ricerca e sviluppo, produzione e commercializzazione esclusivamente di prodotti con alto valore tecnologico ed innovativi nel campo e ambito energetico, con particolare riferimento allo sviluppo, produzione e commercializzazione di batterie a flusso

Immagina BioTechnology

New and better information for scientists, toward novel therapeutic strategies in cancer and congenital disorders.


Strumento CAT online che semplifica il post-editing e l'outsourcing


Progettazione e dello sviluppo di soluzioni IT per i settori della Salute, del Benessere e dello Sport


Ingegnerizzazione, la progettazione e la produzione di dispositivi, lavorati e semilavorati


Sviluppo e commercializzazione di software per la traduzione automatica, basato su tecnologie di intelligenza artificiale.


Motorialab provides technological solutions, high-resolution services and data for outdoor sports, based on wellness and safety


Devices for use geo-data application


Technology and applications for semantic big data (integration, navigation, analytics)

Optoelettronica Italia

Microelectronic silicon sensors and Microsystems, SMART electronic systems, Microelectronic MEMS devices


Speech recognition technologies


Practix is a company that produces software in the field of group interaction and designs and produces collaborative man-machine table top interfaces to facilitate collaborative learning and group work


Profilazione per e-commerce


Sviluppo, produzione e commercializzazione di un servizio in grado di ottimizzare i sistemi di risposta alle emergenze, in particolare in ambito medico.


Hardware and software customized solutions

Spazio Dati

Big Data, Machine Learning & Semantic Web


Innovative Systems for a Smarter Agriculture


Digital Innovation Factory, una società deep-tech che sviluppa soluzioni IoT e Big Data analytics.