• Protection and exploitation of research results
    We support protection and management of the intellectual property of FBK in order enhance the technology transfer processes
  • Engagement of companies
    We manage the first contact of companies with FBK, we analyse the needs of a company based on the requests it has formulated and we assist the company in the development of new products and innovative ideas
  • Relationships with the local socio-economic ecosystem
    We relate and collaborate with agencies and organisations that promote technological innovation in the provincial territory in order to optimise actions towards the entrepreneurial world
  • Scouting of funding opportunities
    In stretta collaborazione con gli uffici PAT di Bruxelles ci impegniamo nello sviluppo di sinergie sui temi della ricerca e dell’innovazione allo scopo di individuare nuove opportunità
  • International networking
    We contribute to strengthening the Foundation’s network of contacts by developing new international relations with public agencies, public and private companies, research centers and universities that can generate opportunities for collaboration and exploitation of the Foundation’s research results