Relationships with the local socio-economic ecosystem

On the one hand, the SMKS Unit promotes the FBK’s research results and competences among the various territorial subjects (Industrial Association, Artisan Association, Chamber of Commerce), on the other it directly stimulates the collaboration of local companies with FBK in order to support their competitiveness and innovation capacity. The SMKS Unit also contributes to attract new businesses on the provincial territory, especially in highly specialised industrial and advanced tertiary sectors, representing to entrepreneurs the competitive advantage of being able to access to the FBK’s research results and know-how as well as to the various forms of incentives made available by the “Trentino System”. The SMKS Unit relies on and collaborates with agencies and bodies, primarily Hub Innovation Trentino (HIT) and Trentino Sviluppo (TS), which promote technological innovation in the provincial territory in order to optimise actions towards the entrepreneurial world.

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