Scouting of funding opportunities

The SMKS Unit maintains a link between FBK and stakeholders at European level, monitors the funding opportunities and European projects by seeking, with scouting, possible funding. Specifically, it promotes contacts with the main institutional actors (Ministries, Universities, Research Institutes, territorial platforms, associations) and individuals (companies, unions, confederations, etc.) of potential interest as partner, in order to enter into network for access to funding programs of the European Community (eg. H2020, Interreg, Tenders initiatives, etc.).

The SMKS Unit, in addition to encouraging continuous monitoring of the opportunities and calls of European and international projects in close collaboration with the PAT office in Brussels, organizes operational meetings with officials of the European Commission or the European Parliament aimed at deepening new proposals regulations and / or funding opportunities related to issues of interest to the Foundation.

The  SMKS Unit participates in specific events (open days organized by the EU and participation in B2B events) and in informational seminars (infodays) and updates on European policies. It favors the identification and participation in working groups initiatives on specific issues related to FBK’s activities and fosters the representation of FBK on the steering tables, participating in the writing of documents that could influence the future “work programs” of the European Commission, taking into topics of interest for FBK.

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