Vittorio Guarnieri

  • Research Laison Officer

Vittorio Guarnieri is a senior researcher at FBK (Bruno Kessler Foundation), he joined the Knowledge Transfer Area (KTA) of FBK in 2018 where he has a role of Research Liaison Officer and in particular He deals with the management of relations with the European Commission and Community agencies in Brussels; he promotes international scientific and technical cooperation; in addition, he develops and coordinates promotional activities. He also deals with the growth and diffusion of research and innovation as a fundamental tool for supporting the business system, increasing its quality and competitiveness.

In April 2016 Vittorio Guarnieri joined the staff of the FBK General Secretariat as a liaison officer for FBK’s research with the European community in Brussels.

In January 2013 he joined FBK-CMM management staff (Center for Materials and Microsystems) as the Center’s Program Manager. He was involved in the process of managing several projects to improve the performance of the CMM center.

In 2009  he worked in a new spin-off company of FBK, called Z2M srl, as Product Manager focusing on the development of innovative technologies (covered by patent, of which he is author) and creating microchips for products and goods against the problems of counterfeiting and favoring the traceability of the same.

In April 1997 Vittorio Guarnieri joined the staff of the ITC-irst, Microsystems Division, working as a researcher. He was involved in the realization of MEMS devices for applications in the agri-food, environmental and biomedical sectors.

During his activities, he has published more than 90 scientific articles among contributions to magazines with Impact Factor (21), contributions to volumes (2) and books (3), conference proceedings (65), filed 3 patents and coordinated European, local and national research projects.

Graduated in Materials Engineering at the University of Trento, Italy in 1996. In 1997 he obtained the national qualification exam for the engineering profession.