3D modelling









Our 3D Optical metrology and 3D reverse engeneering technologies garantee high geometric accuracy, photorealism of the final 3D model and faithful rendering of salient details. We are able to support inspection, verification, documentation, restoration, planning, construction and design in industrial, maritime and heritage fields. In particular we are specialised geo-referenced and geospatial data analyses, 3D monitoring and modeling of landscapes, sensor and data integrations, environmental change detection, man-made structures digital reconstruction, derivation of metric and semantic information from images and range data, mapping and surveying, geomatics algorithms design and implementation, thermal studies and analysis, mobile mapping, GIS and cartography applications, cultural heritage documentation and digital preservation, computation of heating looses or of solar potential, illegal buildings localisation, update of maps.

Keywords: 3D monitoring, modelling and mapping, digital reconstruction, GIS and cartography application, human body modelling, photogrammetry, videometrics and machine vision

Categories: Future Media, Security & Safety, Domotics & IoT, Business Intelligence, Automation, Aerospace & Aeronautics, Automotive

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