Volumetric Solar Receiver


Invention and proof-of-concept of an innovative concept for improved radiation-to-fluid heat exchangers and volumetric receivers, based on a repetitive fractal structure at variable porosity layer-by-layer. The new geometry expands the design capability of high-performance receivers, thanks to the unprecedented set of parameters which can be tuned for the specific application.









Design and small scale prototipe manufactured and tested by FBK at high flux conditions (10^6 W/m^2) high temperatures (800 °C) and cycled during a 2 week period.
Design of third generation solution, with validated volumentric effect

Advantages & Applications

  • Open Brighton Power Cycles with air at high temperature as a source (1000 °C), e.g. central receiving towers
  • Advanced thermochemical reactors
  • Pressurized receivers working with liquid and gas fluid
  • Boilers and gas fired systems
  • Solar to fuels and solar to hydrogen


  • Efficiency radiation-to-thermal: +20% respect state of the art
  • Customizable power radiation adsorption profile
  • Demonstration of Fractal Structure, Connected Fluid channels, Controlled solid Heat Transfer along Main Axis
  • Mixing Fluid channels for: Enhanced Turbulence, Improved, Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient, Transversal Fluid Mixing, Hot Spot avoidance


  • TRL 4 – technology validated in lab.
  • Patented technology: Patent and ownership submitted in 2015 by FBK: “RICEVITORE VOLUMETRICO A GEOMETRIA FRATTALE», under the topic «Invenzione Industriale».


  • Reference person: Luigi Crema
    Tel. 0461 314922
    e-mail: [email protected]

    Research Unit ARES: ares.fbk.eu
    Research Center CMM: cmm.fbk.eu